The Cox Organization recognizes the positive impact we can make on the environment. By integrating environmental considerations into purchasing and operational decisions, we hope to set an example for our colleagues and ultimately change the standard in the special event industry, while at the same time reducing our environmental footprints.

Such efforts include ongoing improvements in the following areas:

  • Composting of Pre-consumer Waste
  • Biodegradable Service Ware
  • Zero-waste Catering
  • Donation of Edible Food
  • Bio-fuel Recycling (Used fryer oil)
  • Office Recycling (Paper, ink/toner cartridges, aluminum cans, plastic bottles)
  • Warehouse Recycling (Cardboard)
  • On-site Recycling (Providing recycling receptacles at all of our concessions locations, when possible) 

Of course, we are always continuing to educate ourselves on new and innovative techniques and ideas and will adjust our environmental efforts accordingly.

Environmental Updates

The Cox Organization recognizes the positive impact we can make on the environment, integrating environmental considerations into all of our purchasing and operational decisions. This includes donation of edible food to local food banks throughout several states.  The following are a few recent examples of food banks to which we have donated edible food:

  • Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Derby Festival – Dare to Care
  • Bristol Motor Speedway – Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee
  • Kansas Rockfest – Restart

We also work with companies to donate compostable food waste, such as during the 2014 Kentucky Derby Festival and the 2013 Florida State Fair, where we worked with a local swine farmer.